How To Select An Adult Care Home

There is a wide variety of home environments to choose from. We recommend that you visit at least 3 homes to compare services, providers and amenities.

First, use the Adult Care Options search tool to identify three homes which seem to be a good match. Then call each operator to confirm that they still have a vacancy.

Describe and discuss the care needs. Let the operator ask you questions about the care needs and answer them to the best of your ability. You will find the best match if you include all behaviors or habits during that initial conversation. The operator may surprise you by having experience in providing for that particular need. If you and the provider conclude that it would be worth your while to view the home, make an appointment for a tour. Checklist for touring homes

It is important for the person needing care to visit more than one home and participate in the selection process. Having more than one person support the choice increases the likelihood that the new living situation will be a success. If you are having difficulty deciding on a home, ask the operator if you may come by for a meal or to participate in an activity. A second visit can be helpful in making a decision.