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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to get certified?
Yes. All food workers in Oregon must obtain certification within 30 days of their hire date (OAR 333-175).
2. How do I obtain Food Handler certification?
3. Identification requirements?
4. Where do I pick up copies of the manual?
5. What is the cost for the Multnomah County food handler certification?
6. How long is the food handler card valid?
7. What happens if I misplace my food handler card?
8. What do I need in order to take the food handler online test?
9. Does my online food handler card need to be printed on special paper?
10. If I cannot finish the test session what do I need to do?
11. My printer isn't working now and I have completed the test, what are my options?
12. I paid online and the payment was accepted, but when I got back to the food handler site, it still took me to the payment screen. What should I do?
13. Can I save my test and card on a disc or a file to print later?
14. Can my card be mailed or emailed to me?
15. If my credit card is declined can I pay cash?
16. When can I take the test again and renew my card?
17. My food handlers card states Multnomah County, but I live in a different county. Do I need a different card?
18. Can accommodations be made for non-English speakers and persons with disabilities?
19. What alternative methods are available for testing and how long do they take?
20. Can presentations be offered for large groups?
21. Where is the Multnomah County food handler office?
22. Who can be a proctor?