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Submitted FY 2012 Program Offers

Below are the FY 2012 program offers that have been submitted to the Multnomah County's Budget Office for consideration in the Chair's Proposed Executive Budget. The Chair's Proposed Executive Budget will be released on Thursday, May 5th.

The program offers on this site are shown as submitted by the departments and have not yet been reviewed by the Budget Office for accuracy. As the Chair's Office reviews the program offers, they may be updated or changed. The upper right-hand corner of each offer includes a version date stamp so the latest version can be determined.

The offers are sorted by lead department and can be accessed by clicking on the departmental links below. For each program offer on the list, there is an eyeglass symbol ( ). Clicking on this symbol will open the two-page offer.

Additional information on the FY 2012 Budget can be found at: http://web.multco.us/budget/budget-information-fy-2012.. Information on prior year budgets can be found at: http://web.multco.us/budget.

Departmental Listing