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Submitted FY 2009 Program Offers

Below are all the FY 2009 program offers that were submitted to Multnomah County's Budget Office for consideration in the FY 2009 Budget and for deliberation by the Board of County Commissioners regardless of funding status.

Program offers funded in the Adopted Budget can be found here: FY 2009 Adopted Budget Program Offers. The complete Adopted Budget, including the Chair's Message, the Reader’s Guide, the Budget Manager’s Message, the County’s Financial Policies, and the financial detail can be accessed here: FY 2009 Adopted Budget.

Information on prior year budgets can be found at: http://www.co.multnomah.or.us/budget.

The offers are sorted by lead department and can be accessed by clicking on the departmental links below. For each program offer on the list, there is an eyeglass symbol ( ). Clicking on this symbol will open the two-page offer.

Departmental Listing