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All FY 07 Program Offers Regardless of Funding Status

Below are all the program offers that were submitted to Multnomah County's Budget Office for possible inclusion in the Chair's Proposed Executive Budget and for deliberation by the Board of County Commissioners regardless of funding status.

Program offers funded in the Board's Adopted Budget for FY 07 can be found at http://www2.co.multnomah.or.us/aspnet/AdoptedBudget/MainScreen_PDF.aspx The complete Proposed Budget, including the Reader's Guide, the Budget Manager's Message, information on Priority-Based Budgeting, the County's Financial Policies, and all financial detail can be accessed by following this link: Adopted Budget

The offers can be accessed by clicking on one of the six priority areas. A new web page will open showing a list of program offers submitted under that priority. For each program offer on the list, there is an eyeglass symbol ( ). Clicking on this symbol will open the two-page offer.

If you are looking for archived FY 06 program offers or more information on the FY 06 Adopted Budget, please follow this link: Board's Adopted Budget for FY 06.

FY 07 Programs By Priority Area

1. Accountability

2. Basic Needs

3. Education

4. Safety

5. Thriving Economy

6. Vibrant Communities

FY 07 Administrative and Support Program Offers

Administrative and Support Program Offers provide supervision or support to some or all of the operating programs within a department. They will not be ranked; instead, their costs are "spread" to the operating programs and are factored into departments' Program Offer costs. Internal service programs and central administrative programs will be ranked and are linked to one of the Priority Areas above.

Fund Level Program Offers reflect the accounting for fund level revenues, such as property taxes.

Administrative Programs

Support Programs

Fund Level